Target your customers and data

The best way to target your development effort efficiently is to understand which journeys your customers make the most. This might be a very different profile to that which the Registers of Scotland receives in general.

For example, an ideal case is one where your users or customers have a large volume of similar cases. Concentrating on this journey might give a lot of 'bang for development buck'.

Top 5 applications by deed type 2016

This data shows the top 5 applications received by the Registers of Scotland in 2016 by deed type. As you can see the vast majority (92.1%) of applications received are covered by just five cases. So if you are attempting to get good coverage of the whole set of possible applications, these journeys are a good place to start.


Name Count Percent Deed code
Disposition 149081 32.8% 11
Standard Security 119469 26.3% 20
Discharge of Standard Security 113066 24.9% 1
Assignation of Standard Security 30413 6.7% 26
Deed of Restriction 6859 1.5% 2
Other 36024 7.9% n/a
Total 454912 100%

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