What can you do with the service?

The Land Register (LR) Application service enables you to:

This can save time filling out the form, prevent errors and allow your application to be processed more quickly by the Registers of Scotland.

Basic Usage

The basic cycle to use the API is as follows:

NOTE: Only the user that created the application will be able to update it. Attempts to update an application not created by the user will return a 404 response.

Quick start

  1. Register with us to get access to the api.lr.application scope and test users
  2. Use the interactive authentication tutorial to get an access token
  3. Download the test pack and extract it
  4. Edit the quick_start.sh to add your access token
  5. Run the script to see an example create action (Mac OSX or Linux only)
    • You should receive a valid response

Further reading

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