API end-points

You should familiarise yourself with the end-points described in LR Application API.


Although it isn't present in the end-point documentation, this API is authenticated using OAuth 2.0. This is described in more detail in the authentication overview

The following scopes are usable with the API:

Scope Access granted
api.lr.application Create, update, finalise and retrieve PDFs for LR applications

You will need to send the Authorize header as shown in the interactive authentication tutorial

Payload schema

The majority of the complexity of the API is the the LR Application entity you must send as the payload and the validation around it.

Test examples

We run automated to testing to ensure the product adheres to our expectations. You can download read the scenarios and fixtures we use for our internal testing. These scenarios are intended to clearly describe the behavior of the system:

PDF oriented example

To get a better feel of what to send to the service to get a particular PDF, you can refer to the LR Application PDF guidance

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