Simple end-points, complex payload

The api end-points are relatively simple, but the application entity you send in the body is quite complex.

The main references are:

The schema are supersets

The various schema include many reusable entities. If you see a person represented in one place, you should see it represented the same way in every place; although we may not need all the fields it's possible to fill out.

In practice:

How we perform validation

The main LR Application entity undergoes a number of steps of validation which go beyond what is specified in the JSON schema.

To validate the entity we:

This means you can expect multiple types of validation messages to be returned. Specifically:

The conditional "legacy" rule set is complete, but returns errors which relate to the internal format, and are generally not very helpful.

Note: If your application is badly malformed, we may be unable to process it, and will return an error.

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